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Future Predictions by Naimatullah Shah Wali. 3, Views. 1 Favorite. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. download 1 file · ABBYY GZ download. Discussing the Predictions in the manuscripts of Qaseedah Naimatullah Shah Wali, Discovering various new mysterious aspect about the. Download Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Book apk for Android. The Muslim Nostradamus; Naimat Ullah Shah Wali's Prophecies in URDU.

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Naimatullah Shah Wali Ebook Download

Peshan Goyee (Predictions) of Niamatullah Shah Wali authored by Nawabzada Niaz Dil Khan Advocate. This book contains the most famous collection of. This blog stuff is related to learn & know about personal growth and understand the ideology of our beloved Country. Please Read and download, Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah Wali r.a. predictions complete book at below link Future of Pakistan (Insha Allah):

Akbar the Great Mogul by Vincent Smith. Ain e Akbari by Abul Fazl. This article is also available in English at http agniveer. Facebook Comments. Liked the post Make a contribution and help bring change. Disclaimer By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism.

He and people corrupted his predictions and used in many wars. Here is text about his theft… "Michael Nostradamus died A. The western world is in awe of his ability to prophesy. But in reality, he was an intellectual thief and a plagiarist. His ancestors were Jews, who had migrated from Jerusalem recent research shows that he was Freemason, who had faked his conversion to Catholicism.

One of his forefathers was a librarian at the Al-Quds library in Jerusalem. Nostradamus mentions in the preface of his work that he found important information contained in ancient books that were passed on to him by his grandfather. Those were, ofcourse, mostly prophecies made by the Holy Prophet S.

W , taken from the Al-Quds library. Jews had also taken away rare books from the libraries of Baghdad, when Hulago Halaku Khan sacked it in A.

Like Dajjal will ride on Donkey. It is also present in Hadith with more detail. This donkey is today jet fighter plan. Muslims also misused his RA predictions like I read a similar book in , written in , which tried to show Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as 'Maghrib ka Badsha' king of west. In one prediction Naimatullah pridected two 'Ahmed' will corrupt Islam. Israr Ahmed…. So they misused his prediction to show their hate. Author of above book also show hate against king Auregnzeb.

Prophecy Research Center is good idea for future planning but they can also misuse or wrongly interpret predictions as pureness of ego is required for interpretation. This center can be successful if they concern valid and authentic Auylias to understand these predictions. With his arrival, there will come balance. Unhappiness and jealousy will fade away. There will be happiness everywhere.

Then will come an extremely powerful king called Muhammad. The time of Muhammad's Kingship is 21 years.

BrassTacks - Naimatullah Shah Wali

Then will come a ruler of the rulers. Nadir Shah will come from km. He will occupy the Throne of India by force. Mass killings of Delhi's population will occur. He had 2 sons. Dara-Shikoh and AurangZeb. There was discord and fighting in between them. The people were also divided in two camps. In , there was a fearsome war in between AurangZeb and Dara. Dara fled and got defeated.

AurangZeb continued the manhunt. Malik jeevan an the ruler of Sindh handed Dara over to AurangZeb. Dara was executed. AurangZeb Alamgeer Mohay-ud-din ruled from Who ruled from 12 History: Muhammad Shah ruled India from Nadir Shah used to be a herd-keeper by profession. He progressed and became the king of Iran. Later he conquered Kabul and Qandhar. Seeing a weak kingdomship of India, he attacked in Muhammad Shah was defeated and he asked for truce. Nadir Shah entered Delhi as a guest of Muhammad Shah.

After few days, a rumor spread that Nadir Shah is murdered. So the soldiers of Delhi started killing the army of Nadir Shah. Nadir Shah got extremely angry and he ordered the Mass murder in Delhi. In 12 hours, approx. At the request of Muhammad Shah, this mass murder was stopped.

Predictions of Naimat Ullah Shah Wali by Zaid Hamid

Looting and destruction continued for 2 months. When the ruler of India will about to leave this world to continue his journey forward, his family will be in problems. Then will come mighty Ahmad the King. He will rule India and people will obey his orders.

When Akbar will be the King, there will appear a Saint. Populace will give attention to him.

This powerful Fakeer [seer] will become famous. He will be famous in Punjab and Sikh nation will be among his followers. He will be the spiritual leader of this nation. The Sikh Nation will be cruel towards Muslims and this cruelty and innovation will appear in 40 years.

Then The Christians [English] will occupy India. Their order will be obeyed there for about years. When the cruelty and one-sidedness will reach its highest point, the Christians will harm the religion. The Christians [English] will be involved in a war with Germany.

The sign of destruction and chaos will appear. The Christians England will win the war against Germany but the war will weaken their system of rule. Page The Christians will leave the India but before doing so, they will sow the life-taking discord among the populace. India will be divided into two countries and for this reason the blood of humans will run. Destruction and anarchy will rule beyond imagination. All the ministers were parties in chaos and wars. Rohails revolted. To curb them, Ahmad Shah had to seek assistance of Marhatas.

In , Ahmad Shah Durram attacked Punjab. He was the victor. Punjab became a part of Durrani Empire. He ruled from Akbar the Second ruled from and Bahadur Shah Zafar the Second was the ruler from There is no Stanza was found about them. Lord Curzon Viceroy of India declared a ban by law on these predictions. After 21 years, WWII was fought from Germany was involved in both the fights.

A lot of Muslims will leave their homes due to the wrath of the Hindus. They will migrate. The dignity and honor of Muslims will be in ruins. Their women and girls will be kidnapped. Muslims will be in peace in the area of their forefathers. After Punishment and problems, their destiny will appear. The banner of Islam will be the prominent for 23 years.

Then divine punishment will come upon them. Their own land will become narrow for them. Destruction and anarchy will become their destiny. After their destruction. Allah will send blessings, victory and help from neighbors. An army of Mongols 24 will come from North to help.

Iran and Turkey will help too. This help will appear after the Pilgrimage. Divine help will turn the defeat into a victory. I am seeing all this with deep understanding.

That Muslims will be the victor and successful. When these predictions were made, it was the year Hijra. So the God wills and will appear in the same manner.

When the cruelty and crime will be spread in his era, there will come a King of the west. He will be the real good administrator. The genocide, rape and kidnapping of girls and women is not a secret. The migrants sacrificed their lives and their wealth in order to get independence. East Pakistan was lost due to a war in between India and Pakistan on November 22, The war with West Pakistan started on December 3, , resulted into destruction and chaos in Pakistan.

About 1. Before that time, for 23 years, Islam and Muslims were safe and sound in this part of the world. People of knowledge categorize mankind into four classes. Aryans, Mongols, Ethiopians and Europeans. European people are white in complexion. Ethiopians are black. Aryans are people of Indo-pak and Middle East.

Mongols are people from Indonesia and China. China is located in the north of Pakistan. China and Pakistan are considered friendly nations. Such help is to come after the 10 Zil-Hujj. We can assume that the equipment of war will arrive during Muharram. He will be the supporter of the religion of Muhammad S. He will be the protector of the country. There will be a great war in between him and the other. No doubt a large population will be killed. The King of the western Part will be the victor on the basis of his weaponry.

The defeat of the denier nation will be beyond anyone's imagination. Islam will rule in India for 40 Years, then will come the anti-Christ [Dajjal] from the city of Asfahan. Naimat-ullah Shah is aware of the secrets of the unseen therefore Indeed what he's saying will appear in this world, universe and in that era.

There's a large population of Jews living in Iran. Some prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad S. Some say that no one can know the unseen. They forget that everything in this universe is running under a system. Allah has a system for 'unseen' as well.

Those who have the ability and permission can view it.

Some can see the commands for one day, some for a week, some for a month, some for a year and some can view, as much as Allah wants them to.

Predictions were made by the prophets, by the mystics and seers through out the history.

Unknown is unknown until Allah let it to be known. I am looking at the power of the God or 'destiny' ; I am looking at the condition of the world. I am not saying this out of the knowledge of Astrology, but looking at it with the grace of Allah. All of them will be in poor condition. Although one in the Thousand, I am looking at. Listening to a strange story, watching a city in great chaos. Lowest [mean] of the people in knowledgeable and expert works, I See Religion is very week, bad habit of pride, I See Page Friends from every nation, in bad situation and are mourning Rise and fall, appointment of Governors, two times, I see Turks and Tajiks are the enemies of each other, I see Lies, fraud and deceit everywhere, in elders and in young generation, I see The value of good deeds is very very low.

Flames at one place, I see If today there is any peace, only in the mountains, I see Although I am watching all this but am not worried. The joys ahead, I see After this year, and some other years, I look at the world as in a movie theater. A wise King as an honorable leader, I see. This year is not like the others. I am not seeing like someone see in aware state. Darkness of unbound and unlimited cruelty spreading through the Cruel of the cities, I see.

Sorrowful war and living Evil, in the middle and at the sides, I see. Slave will be the Master and the Masters will become slaves, I see. This year the friend will be in trouble, his heart filled with sorrows, I see At the face of Gold, there will be a new stamp. His "dirham" [currency] will be pure, I see. All the rulers of the world are fighting with each other, I see.

The face of moon is dark, the heart of the Sun bleeding, I see. Merchants in far off jungles, without companions and tired, I see. Hindu nation in poor conditions, I see. The cruelty of Turks and Tatars, I see. Some trees of the garden of the world, without spring, without fruit, I see.

Then helping others and contentment, staying in seclusion is the best, I see When winter without fruits will pass, then shiny spring will come, I see. When his [Friend's] era will pass, his son as his souvenir, I see. The companions of this highly honored one shall be owners of crown [or living like Kings], I See.

The kings of all? His Works, his features, his knowledge and kindness, his wisdom and understanding will be same as the Prophet, I see. Fragrance coming out of the gardens of Prophet's way, I smell, the flower of the religion in bloom, I See. Disobedient people embarrassed and ashamed, in front of this pious Imam [leader], I see He will be the "Ghazi" 37 , keeper of friendships, and destroyer of the enemies.

The kind, friendly and humane, I see. Beauty of the Way of the prophet and spread of Islam, strong and stable, I See. Page 35 The 'friend' referred here can be Prophet Isa A. He himself will be the Imam Leader and World will be on one axis center.

Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Book for Android - APK Download

Because of him, the religion and the world will be filled and joyful, Lucky are the people, I see. World as a city, I see, personality as strong as Castle, I see. My Sultan will have 7 Ministers, all of them will be successful, I see. Refreshing drinks in the hands of the serving ones, I see. The Steel swords of Rusty hearts, useless and scrap, I see Page Sheep with the Wolf and Deer with the Lion, staying in the same place, 38 I see. The clever Turk in ecstasy, I see. His enemy is drunk, I see Naimat Shah, Sitting alone, is seeing all this.

It means, "I am Looking at". According to the knowledge of Sarf, its masdar is "Deedan". Because "May Beend" shows the present tense so when used as singular Mutakalam, it will become "May Beenam". He's a friend of Allah and is stating that "I am, looking at".

One is to see through physical eyes, the other is through inner spiritual eyes. Maulana Ghulam Rasool Alampur Kotly r. Said: Close these physical eyes that cannot do justice Open your inner eyes for salvation. Page 'To see' from the physical eyes is to look through physical senses. The name of this power is 'thought'. Thought process is of two types. One is a limited and the other is absolute. Limited thought is associated with physical me whereas absolute thought is beyond me. Everything that we see in our world is of high density.

Sufi termed it as 'the realm of bodies'. Whatever is present in the realms of bodies, all of it is present in the 'realm of shapes'.

However, all of the 'realm of shapes' cannot be present in the 'realm of bodies'. Because in its expansion, this 'realm of bodies' to 'realm of shapes' is like a drop of water in an ocean. Beyond 'realm of shapes' is the 'realm of soul'. In its expansion, the 'realm of shapes' to the 'realm of soul' is like a ring in a large land. So, in order to understand, take 'realm of shapes' as a 'burzakh' purgatory in between the 'realm of soul' and 'realm of bodies' or take it as a veil.

Realm of soul is the first level of the divine reality. It is a collective level.

Naimat Ullah Shah Wali Book

All shapes and forms are contained in it. All shapes are vague without specific gender, without full form. Contrary to this, in the realm of shapes, all shapes are present in detailed forms. But these shapes or forms are of very light density. Page So when the limited thoughts are purified i. It means that when the reflection of such shapes is put on the mirror of bound imagination, then the events of the future are seen and predictions can be made that a certain event can happen at a certain time.

Its example is same as of Sun, clouds and earth. If clouds come in between the sun and the earth, then the sunlight cannot reach the earth. The clouds are the burzakh in between the sun and the earth. If clouds are not present, then the sunlight will come down and light the earth. To summarize, if the bound astral body is purified, then the lower density shapes and forms which are present in the realm of shapes, will en-light one's heart and the seeker will then be able to see the future and will have the power to understand the divine knowledge and will have the power to observe.

Naimat Shah Wali was one of the greatest saints and a friend of Allah. For this reason, he was granted the knowledge of 'unseen'. Page He used 'May Beenam' in the above-mentioned Qaseeda. The understanding of divine wisdom and power to observe starts in the realm of shapes i. He had the access to the realm of jabroot and lahoot. Maulana Jalal-ud-din Roomi r. Said: When the mirror of your heart will be clean and purified Then you will witness all shapes through water or dust Page continued I ignore the old tale and inform about the Second Era of Indo-pak From the Mogul Family, conqueror the second, will rule the land of India.

A brave Rule. Luxury will enter into there hearts; riches around and they will loose [ignore] the Usmani Ottoman way. Their Empire will have access influence even in km, Bulkh, Bokhara and Tehran. Then they will vanish and shall be forgotten.

In India and in Iran, 7 generations of moguls will rule and then will vanish and disappear from the scene. They will vanish like the "people of the Kahaf' [People of the Cave] 39 Then will come the last Era of this world and the eagles of Sidra will be wasted by the hands of the death. And the Christians will enter in their realms by posing merchants.

They will loose their Kingship. They will arrest the Muslims by false claims and through wicked tricks. You should know that their rule would be for years. Islam and Muslims will be surprised and unable to do anything. Bulkh, Bokhara, Tehran, Sind and all India as well. Indians will read English Knowledge in schools and colleges.

They will ignore and the Islamic knowledge. Then will come a war in which Russians and Japanese will take part. Japanese will be the victors 40 39 Points : Mogals Mughals ruled India and some other nations for a long time and then their empire vanished. Their children were killed and the English invaders destroyed their families and virtues. British East India co. Slowly, they bribed the officials to get more and more access and power.

Then they formed their own Castles and their own army and started invading different cities and states. Finally in , they got hold of the throne of India. England ruled India for approx.

In those hundred years, the western knowledge replaced Indian sciences. All of them lost their kingdom. They will be like the kings in a Chess game. Both players expansion will be unbalanced [on weak foundations]. Mediators will negotiate truce. They will agree and fix the borderlines, will stop the war but the Agreement will be hypocritical.

Russians will rule the Koh-Kaaf a mountain range ; also Kawarzam and Khewa will be conquered. They will conquer up to the Sea of Khazar, Gailan.

Through wickedness they will gain access to China and to the throne of Iran. There will be a King in Muslims called Abdul Hameed. Like Iranian Kings, he will be a just one. In support of Islam he will stand up and struggle. After him, will come average sultan. Christians will attack him from all the sides and will get access to his land using tricks and wickedness.

He will sit on the throne unexpectedly. The Deniers will rule East and West. When this will come true. There will be a mass murder in the Jungle of Marv [or Maroo], people will be killed. They will conquer Turkish lands. The Second largest mass murder will occur in that era. Apparently the deniers will be victorious. Then at last, the friend of the Allah, the Conqueror, will take his sword out. A new Life will run into Muslims, They will have the upper hand and you will see the nation of Uthman ottomans or usmani rejoicing.

The Plague and famine will appear in the lands of India, so Muslims will the at many places. An earthquake, like the quack of the judgment day will occur. It has several meanings. Common, normal, cheap, average. It means 'friend of Allah' - MC Page Two persons with the name Ahmad will misguide a lot of people. They will interpret Al-Quran at will. There will be a war for 4 years on Western continent Europe. Aleph inglistan i. England will cunningly win the war against Geem Germany.

This will be the first Great War. Mass murder will take place. They will reach a truce agreement but this truce will not be a permanent one. Both the parties will silently manufacture weapons. That is Geem Germany and Aleph England will prepare for war. When Japan will fight against China, Christians will fight with each other.

His first attack will be on France. British and Italians will also be in the state of war.

Thus the Second Great war will start after 21 years. This will be fierce and aggressive than the first war.